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Work work with the the Human Aspects of Business Leadership.  We work with teams to build partnership and collaborative work styles, emotional intelligence and managing conflict.


PowerPartners International is Passionate about altering the way in which business is conducted.  We believe communication is the key to workability and agreements in the workplace.  We do this so that happy, satisfied people show up to work everyday. 


My Coaching and consulting services include:


  • Assessment of culture (tools for groups and individuals)
  • Talent Selection
  • Job Benchmarking
  • Talent Succession Planning
  • 360 Assessments
  • Mission and Values Identification
  • Tribal Leadership methodologies


Individual and Teams (Leaders and High Potential Leaders)


(tailored to audience)

  • Management is not Leadership - Identify 3 Distinctions to Help Guide Your Career
  • Accountability vs Responsibility - Learn to identify the Difference and the Key to Winning at Both
  • Dynamic Communications™ - Introducing 4 Types of Behaviors; identify Your Type and launch your reputation as a masterful communicator
  • Let's Do This! - Learn 12 ways that people get excited to go to work each day!
  • Conflict is Not a Bad Word - Working Together is Easier Than you Think
  • Restoring Respect in the Office - 3 simple steps anyone an use to get back to work after being " 'dissed"
  • Leading Powerfully from the Masculine and the Feminine
  • Appreciation Equation in the Workplace!- When appreciation is not enough.  Learn what is missing to balance the equation and go from Depriving (no appreciation) to Thriving (full appreciation)
  • Complaints... Why you should Ask for More...Really!  Learn how to Win in a complaining conversations

Community Education

Support and Other Services

PowerPartners International 


  • Is your organization, department or team performing as planned?
  • Want to go from good to great?
  • Do you have team members “stabbing each other in the back” when you need them to “have each other’s back”?  
  • Working hard or hardly working?
  • Want to drive the BMWs out of your office (bitching, moaning and whining)?

These are business opportunities!

If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood, sweat, and tears.
— Simon Sinek
Culture, strategy, workplace behaviors

PAX Programs has been researching men and women for over 20 years for the purpose of greater understanding, compassion, and communication with ease in all circumstances.

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