Client Appreciation

Caring and human approach
Janet is great. She is a fantastic listener, and was very good at connecting the complex concepts in the assessment to my personal profile. I recommend her highly!
— Anonymous - Entrepreneur
Janet is an insightful and compassionate coach with tremendous abilities to see through the noise and get to the core of what’s really going on. She helped me release anger I was holding on to for over a year, around a past relationship, in one session. It was amazing to say the least. Now I make lists of things to release and eagerly reach out.
— Sue Steinfeld, MA, ACC
Janet possesses wonderful insight into the dynamics of relationships.
What I found of great value in working with her were her suggestions on how to approach an issue differently, how to ask for something differently or how to think about an issue from a new angle. She is positive, honest, candid, insightful, kind - all qualities that make for a productive coaching relationship that helped me move forward toward what I want to achieve in my personal and professional life. I recommend working with Janet to help you achieve your life goals
— -Kathryn MacDonald - Web Marketing, SEO, Photography - Interiors & Portraits
In the past 6-months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with an Executive Coach, Janet Fjeldstad. I knew I needed one, but really didn’t understand the scope of insight to be received about myself. These kinds of insights have truly helped me to be more grounded, more visionary for myself and my clients, and live a more balanced life. She has great reframing, helps me with priorities, which in turn pumps up my creativity.
— LynAnn King - KingSings PR
I love working with Coach Janet! I love Janet too! Is it even okay to say that about a fellow professional? Why not? I learned from “Coach”, to love life and the people in it, that is exactly what we all need for a balanced life.

How is it that in life we have spent so much time and energy to work, play and love hard, and yet often do not have it all work as one designed system with a purpose? “Coach” has been working with me and I with her for about three (3) years. She has the talent of someone who has traversed the world of corporate life and whose emotional intelligence skills are on par with the best of coaching professionals. She is trustworthy, solid and mature enough to know when she is off-the-mark and willing to try another approach; one that often includes humor. What do you need in order to work with Janet? Have a Consultation with her and you will be surprised!
— Carlos R. Hernandez - Social Media Consultant
Janet is an amazing coach. I am so thankful to have known Janet during a time when I was going through a very difficult time in a relationship. Her patience, compassion and understanding provided a foundation of support that helped to ground me during even the most challenging times. Her understanding of the language of men and women really helped me to better understand the needs that both my partner and I were trying to get met in a very human to human way.
— Dr. Dan Kaufman - BizEdComm
…Janet’s surreptitious intellect and her joyous and humorous nature, years of corporate experience and Tribal Leadership™ training makes Janet a powerful partner, teammate, coach and leader. You’ll find Janet and to be creative, funny, very quick witted and bright. She is an absolute joy to work with, powered by wisdom, passion and integrity. Plan to enjoy the simple process while working hard!
— Tavi Truman - Microsoft Partner, Entrepreneur
Janet has a unique gift and ability to listen to you describe your dream and then articulate EXACTLY what it looks like. For example, I was rambling to her about all the various traits of where I’d like to live and she very clearly replied “I think you’d thrive by living in a resort town”. Bingo! She listens to what is below and behind the vision to ascertain the core essence of what you seek. To me, this is an amazing quality and a huge asset in working with clients and their goals.
— Marcy Roth – Business Owner, Entrepreneur
Janet, you have a gift and I hope to take advantage of that in the near future either in a group setting or one on one
— Anonymous - Workshop attendee
Janet is a wonderful, compassionate, and understanding workshop leader who really knows her stuff! I’ve lost count of the number of times that either I (or someone in my group) brought up a real-life situation and asked for help. Without batting an eye Janet referred to prior lessons and showed us exactly how we could not only apply what we had learned to the situation at hand, but gave us exact verbiage of what to say in our relationships to create the better communication understanding that the program promises. She’s like a Queen’s Code encyclopedia – much like Claudia herself! Thank you, Janet, for everything. I am truly a different person now (a better one!) because of what I have learned from you. Love, Paula attended workshop in 2012
— Paula Richer – Entrepreneur