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Meetings that Matter. Why even Hold a Meeting?

Last month we looked at how and what creates an engaging and delightful meeting by creating a culture that works for your organization. Meetings that Matter. Creating Engaging, Productive, Delightful Meetings

The Question

Now, as you considered what would work for your organization, the question may have occurred to you, “Why even have a meeting? Maybe I should just send an email?”

Before we answer that question, for the purpose of this discussion, here is an excerpt from our last posting that will provide a definition and context for this topic.

The Meeting Culture

If, for this discussion, we define culture as the full range of a learned human behavior including beliefs, customs, inventions, language, technology and traditions in your organizations, then culture also applies to our meetings.

With your thoughtful new process of designing meetings that matter, you will cause a positive, caring, productive meeting culture that has attendees clamoring to get to your meetings and participate.

 The process of putting together your meeting may take a bit more forethought; the pay-off is creating meetings that matter.

The Answer

We need meetings (rather than email) because we need human interaction to instill trust. Leaders who create a safe environment within their organization (region, department, etc.) have the basis for engaging their teams, inspiring innovation and problem solving.

 Great leaders create environments (here we will call it culture) for all their interactions, and meetings in particular, to be inviting, productive and a place for open dialogue, disagreement and discussion. They create a place where collaborative and creative thinking can be a priority. It is a place where the inspiration and confidence to think outside the box, create better tools, products! (Meetings that Matter. Creating Engaging, Productive, Delightful Meetings from our blog last month). These meetings can be messy and confrontational and disruptive AND beautifully communicative, creative, productive and fun!

The same environment cannot be created via email or working solo. Our communications become informational, informal and many times misunderstood.

So, consider a good old fashioned, well planned, intentional and inspiring meeting; it can be just the thing to have a high performing happy team!

  original post for Align 4 Performance, Inc 2014

Meetings that matter! Check back next month to learn how…

Meetings that Matter Change your Brain


Meetings provide an opportunity to alter our brain chemistry. Really, it provides an opportunity for serotonin (an other hormones) to be activated. Simon Sinek refers to serotonin as the “leadership hormone” because it is responsible for our feelings of pride, success, accomplishment and confidence. These provide a foundation for us to work together towards a common goal, vision or outcome.